Best Apps in The World Of Finance

May 10, 2021 0 Comments

The world wide web and a multitude of apps, websites, and tools are entirely for the sole purpose of helping you with bills, purchases, and other life expenses. Today, we’ll be talking about the 25 best money saving apps for 2021. There are money saving apps you can use to budget better, spend wiser… and maybe even sock some extra money away. Throughout this course we will show you different ways to save a little money, all while striving towards financial stability.

1. Trim

Like many organizations nowadays, Trim started off with one idea… and evolved into somIt was basically a matter of entering the required information… and letting Trim handle the rest.ething different as time changed. At first, the company promised its users that they could “trim” their spending by tracking their expenses. Basically, they were asked to input a bit of information… and then simply sit back and let Trim handle the rest.

Trim is free to use and allows you to sign up via Facebook or an email address… in just a few minutes. The best thing about Trim? It takes customer security and privacy very seriously… using banking-grade security with 256-bit SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and read-only access. In addition to financial assistance, Trim offers its users helpful information via their Blog… which is definitely worth a read. The app is appealing to the eye and notifies you of changes to your spending with real time alerts.

Trim must work, if you’re looking to reduce your workload and save at least one million dollars last month. And it appears that quite a few people feel that way, since Trim boasts of saving its users over one million dollars.


2. Rakuten


There are currently 12 million members in the U.S. who have earned upwards of $1 billion in Cash Back offers by using Rakuten. Previously known as Ebates, Rakuten offers Cash Back, deals, and rewards on products and services worldwide.

If you do not already have an account, create one here and start shopping directly on the website or through the Rakuten app. Your Cash Back will be applied once the transaction has been completed. Rakuten often offers $10 bonuses upon signing up and you can earn even more by referring your friends.


  • Through the app: When you’ve started a Shopping Trip, a notification will appear within the app so you know Cash Back has been activated. You will be taken to the store’s website to begin shopping. If the retailer does not offer Cash Back, you will be alerted so you don’t make a purchase thinking you’re going to get cash back.
  • Cash Back Button: This automated tool proactively finds discounts so you can earn cash back without even having to open the site. Download the Rakuten Cash Back button in your browser store, which will be visible in your browser bar after the download is complete. As soon as you have this button, you’ll get notifications about Cash Back and coupons available at each store when you go to their website. Simply click the notification and your account will be activated. earning Cash Back right away. If the store doesn’t support the Cash Back Button, the notification simply won’t appear.
  • Cash Back Visa: Rakuten offers a Cash Back Visa® Credit Card, which allows users to earn unlimited additional Cash Back rewards wherever Visa is accepted with no annual fee. Rakuten customers qualify for 3% Cash Back on qualifying online purchases, and all other purchases get 1% Cash Back.
  • In-Store: Start by linking your bank card to your Rakuten account. Then just activate an In-Store offer and pay using the card linked to your account when you want to redeem it in the store.
  • Email: If you’re subscribed to Rakuten emails, you can click on the links mentioned in the emails to activate your Cash Back.
  • Shop directly from the website by clicking on a store’s link listed on

3. Acorns


Saving money with the best money saving apps is more about investing in the future than just clipping coupons.


Because social security may become obsolete in a few years, planning for our “golden years” is arguably in our own hands.

And then thereIt is our goal at Acorns to help you save your spare change… and turn it into a profitable investment. is our kids’ futures.

College, marIt is our goal at Acorns to help you save your spare change… and turn it into a profitable investment.riage, a house of their own.

Acorns is dedicated to helping save your “spare change”… and turning it into a worthwhile investment.

An Acorns Later account is where the company recommends an IRA that’s right for you…  and updates it regularly to match your goals. That takes less an one minute to set up.  Other features include:

Set an automatic Recurring Contribution

Set aside extra cash for a better life later — as little as $5 can add up

Assisted rollovers if you already have an IRA or 401k now


3. Truebill

By identifying unused subscriptions, reducing recurring payments, pursuing refunds on outages, Truebill can help you enhance your financial health.

Companies know when customers sign up for auto-pay for a service, they’re unlikely to cancel their automatic payments–even after they’ve stopped using the service. Generally, people leave unused services unattended, so companies are making money off of unused services. Over 14 million dollars were saved to date by Truebill customers without sacrificing any services they neTruebill will not only not sell your account information to other companies, but they will also use the same industry standards and procedures for storing your data, which is 256-bit encryption.ed or want.

Truebill uses the best encryption software available, so you don’t have to worry about the security of your personal information. Truebill will not only not sell your account information to other companies, but they will also use the same industry standards and procedures for storing your data, which is 256-bit encryption.

Truebill’s servers are securely hosted using Amazon Web Services, which is also trusted and used by NASA, the Department of Defense, and many other organizations that require the highest levels of security.

Using the app is easy. In order to register, you’ll need your online banking credentials– but no worries. Truebill’s secure connections to over 15,000 banks and financial institutions go through Plaid.

cating for your financial wellbeing.