What Can The Greatest Coach In Football History Teach You About Protecting Your Child From A Bully?

May 17, 2022 0 Comments

When Vince Lombardi took over the head coaching job for the NFL’s Green Bay Packers in 1959 they had just finished the previous season with one win and ten losses, making it the worst season in team history. This was also their seventh consecutive losing season, which was an-other team record.

Now most people would probably jump to the conclusion that since Green Bay was the smallest market in the NFL, and one of the poorest teams, that they just did not have the talent to field a winning team. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact that team, that just went 1 and 10, had 7 future hall of fame players on the roster. So if the Packers had all this talent, how is that they could not have a winning season? The answer is simple – self image.

You see, the players no longer thought of themselves as winners and virtually everything they did reinforced the fact that they were not winning. The team was consistently late for practices and meetings, their workouts were unfocused and lacked effort, their leadership was uninspired and the list goes on. So how did a simple man from New York, who had never held a head coaching job, turn a losing team with a group of men who seemed to have no passion into one of the most successful football franchises of all time, in only a few seasons?

Simple, he addressed the team’s self image problems in a straight forward and logical manner, the first of which was to have everybody start running on “Lombardi Time.” Simply put, Lombardi time is arriving เว็บเดิมพัน ufabet everything you do at least fifteen minutes early. Now you may ask, “Why is this important?” The answer is that no matter what people want to believe, you cannot be ready for anything in life if you are not fully engaged in the process of accomplishment. You can only be fully engaged in the accomplishment of anything by being mentally, physically and emotion-ally prepared. There is no real way to be adequately prepared if you show up to something important just in the nick of time and especially not if you are late. You must show up early and prepare adequately if you are going to be successful at anything.

Not only did this one simple philosophy form the corner for a program that catapulted the Green Bay Packers from obscurity to the pinnacle of football glory, it eventually permeated the entire town of Green Bay where the inhabitants also began to run on Lombardi time. The town took great pride in this simple habit.