There Are Four Types of Mama’s Boys and Four Types of Daddy’s Girls

May 4, 2022 0 Comments

Mama’s Boys have been getting a lot of attention these days. The issue with them is showing up on blogs, the entertainment news shows, and even a new reality show called “Momma’s Boys” (produced by Ryan Seacrest). A producer approached us to see if we had a client and his mother who would appear on a national morning show! We couldn’t oblige because the kind of mama’s boy they were looking for and the type these others are putting their attention on is a kind of mama’s boy we have never met. And we are the mama’s boy-daddy’s girl experts!

The type of mama’s boy getting the most attention these days is the one we call “The Apron Strings Boy.” This type can blind people to the reality that mama’s boys come in a variety of personalities. There are at least three other types of mama’s boys. They might surprise you but you will recognize them. There are also at least four types of daddy’s girls. You will recognize them too. You know, you rarely find a mama’s boy without a daddy’s girl! Understanding the following types can help you get a handle on how toÇeşme Escort improve the romance you share with your adult mama’s boy or daddy’s girl.

When a mama’s boy travels incognito, chances are he is The Bully. His machismo and dominant personality can make you think twice before calling him a mama’s boy. However, if he uses verbal or physical aggression to push against the women in his life, he is a mama’s boy! Mama’s boys, through no fault of their own, lost the opportunity to bond with their fathers, learning that their power comes from within. As a result, they spend their lives either pulling on or pushing against the women in their lives in order to confirm their masculinity. A woman cannot give a man his masculinity no matter how hard either of them tries.

The Apron Strings Boy that we have mentioned is the man who, whether single or married, will not make a decision to act without his mother’s input or approval. He is comfortable with his mother’s influence in his life. Whereas his wife or girlfriend finds his mother to be interfering, he will defend her activity in his life. If you place him in the position of having to choose between you, his mother will win.