Feeling Hungry? Mobile Marketing Delivers the Goods

May 7, 2022 0 Comments

Have you noticed the trend toward mobile marketing? For those who follow the corporate maneuverings of giants such as Google or Apple, this move has been apparent for some time now. The big boys are so interested in this style of marketing due to its amazing flexibility. The ability to micro-and geo-target consumers when and where they are most likely to buy is very appealing. How about telling them about a very special dining offer when they are nearby and likely to be hungry?

Google Bets the Farm on Mobile Marketing

Witness the move by Google to buy top-rated mobile marketing and advertising operation AdMobi for a sizable chunk of change. These companies are slowly moving away from conventional or static marketing toward the mobile world. It seems clear for anyone with a pulse to see that we are all gravitating to, or being firmly directed toward, handheld or mobile devices. Some would argue that the iPad is very close to the ultimate communications machine of the future. It is somewhere in between a notepad and an iPhone and once it is equipped with the fastest levels of connectivity, will begin to set the trend.

Mobile Marketing Teams Up with the Cloud

How many years does the desktopSommerseo computer have left, in your opinion? If you have shares in a company that focuses solely on these dinosaurs, it’s time to bail out, unless you are already too late. Mobile marketing is around the corner and with the advent of cloud computing, it seems that we will have little regard for size or storage capacities in the future.

The ultimate personal computer and connectivity device, the glorified and enhanced smart phone of the future will be something little bit smaller than an iPad and something a little bit larger than an iPhone. It will be able to operate at broadband speed through fourth-generation connections. You will use “software as a service” for all your applications and all your personal information can be stored in the ubiquitous cloud. If you need it, you will be able to attach a tiny USB drive or connect wirelessly with another medium.

Mobile Marketing Potential Eclipses the Internet as We Know it

Don’t think for a minute that the advertising drenched Internet is going away, either. Google is just starting its transition between the desktop/laptop and the handheld world. The unfolding situation is an advertiser’s dream. Consider that there are currently 5 billion smart phone users in the world, compared to 1.5 billion Internet users. As all the bugs are slowly ironed out of mobile marketing, we will move closer to the individually tailored, geo-targeted Nirvana that the marketing director dreams about. Picture it – you will be received a message to your phone reminding you that your favorite Italian restaurant, which you happen to be fairly close to right now in your car, is offering half-price appetizers at this moment. The pangs of hunger inside you will do the rest and this ultimate form of mobile marketing will have done its trick.